About us

St Gregory The Great Provincial Major Seminary, Parkoso - Kumasi


The St. Gregory the Great Provincial Seminary is a house of formation. Hence it provides Philosophical and Theological education according to the Roman Catholic tradition in order to form seminarians to know the meaning, nature and the life of the Church and society. Each seminarian is enabled and challenged through his studies and formation to be a matured gentleman who is responsible, with a good conscience, and a good sense of judgement to serve the Church and society. Our programmes examine the rich and varied approaches to Philosophy and Theology and the dynamic interaction between them and with the other sciences and disciplines. The ultimate goal is to prepare our seminarians very well for the Catholic priesthood with a well-rounded aptitude and capacity to make significant contributions to the positive growth of society. This is achieved by providing human, spiritual, intellectual and pastoral formation in the undergraduate and graduate level degree programmes.


 Our Mission

The mission of this esteemed school: St. Gregory the Great Provincial Major Seminary, is to provide the most excellent and comprehensive formation for seminarians through our programmes that they may provide worthy pastoral service as priests to their various dioceses, religious congregations, the universal church and society. In the spirit of mutual respect and shared vision, the community of formators and lecturers of the Seminary, along with the bishops and faithful of the sponsoring dioceses work together to produce true pastors for their respective flocks, and leaders of faith and morals in society.     



The St. Gregory the Great Provincial Major Seminary provides a well-structured curriculum in line with the directives of the Sacred Congregation for Catholic Education. The curriculum acquaints our seminarians with great insights into philosophical and theological thoughts, as well as other secular disciplines like Sociology, Bio-ethics, Academic Writing, Numeracy Skills, Science and Technology and Computer Science, and fits the needs of those who may be interested in pursuing further research degrees.


The St. Gregory the Great Provincial Major Seminary commits itself to spiritual and academic excellence and the pursuit of wisdom which flows from religious values, inquiry and human experience. We have very well qualified and dedicated formators and other staff members who are committed to the vision of the seminary. Through the effective witness and pedagogy, the seminary’s faculty and staff, bring their expertise and experience to bear on the seminarians and challenge them to be of their best.


Our campus has a chapel, two (2) halls of residence, spacious lecture rooms, a library (with E-Library facility), out-door recreational areas and staff bungalows.

Community Engagement

Developing a good sense of service whole-heartedly, without counting the cost, is an area of our core mandate. Our seminarians are encouraged to cultivate in themselves the spirit of being ready to serve at any place to which they are sent. Their active participation in the five-week pastoral programme each year and the nine-month pastoral programme in their respective dioceses help them to render service to community and to acquire pastoral skills and a sense of social responsibility



The St. Gregory the Great Provincial Major Seminary strives to preserve and enhance an atmosphere in which great attention is paid to the pillars of formation: Human, Spiritual, Intellectual and Pastoral. It provides an atmosphere in which moral and intellectual education is provided through reflective spiritual programmes combined with scholarly research, imaginative methodology and an enthusiastic quest for the truth; all in attempt to equip our seminarians with the needed skills for sincere future priestly service and authentic individual responsibility for the world in which we live.